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Audi eyes engine assembly in India

FRANKFURT: Audi is looking at the possibility of assembling engines in India as it scales is presence in the country amid growing demand for luxury vehicles.

"The Indian market is developing very well. Now, we also have political stabili y. The growth will not only be double-digit but there will be premium business or 30,000 to 50,000 cars a year and Audi is investing in India. We are investigating possibility for engines, though still not mature enough," Audi CEO Ruper Stader said on the sidelines of he Frankfurt Motor Show. 

It isn't just Audi, other Volkswagen (VW) Group companies, comprising marquee brand such as BMW , VW and Skoda, are also looking to step up their engagement with India, including greater focus on local inputs for development of vehicles and manufacturing.

Source : Time's of India 

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