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Reading news in this app and earn money... I am also Shocked

How long haven’t you read a real newspaper after you have installed the News App on your smartphone? Weeks? Months? Or already forgot the date?

If you are reading news from newspaper in an old fashioned way, you are not contributing to Digital India Policy. To every Indian’s surprise, News Apps are gradually replacing newspapers in 2017. NewsDog, as the main role in this digitalization process, is providing a place for tens of millions of Indian readers to read news, stories, pictures, and videos for free. Opinions on Social Media show millions of people are reading news on a smartphone and is the trendiest thing to follow today. Also the market data show similar results.

NewsDog is the highest ranked News App* in Google Play, now has over 20 million users and crores of news view every day. (*Google Play Indian August rank)

“I just can’t stop reading news in this app. NewsDog is a fantastic place for me to get information and get entertained.” This is a user’s comment in Google Play, which also represents all the users’ thoughts to NewsDog app. In NewsDog App, readers can keep refreshing the app to get customized news and stories which totally fit the taste of the reader. For example, if you are a politics news fan, the App will keep on providing you latest news about recent progress on Digital India or clashes with Pakistan. If you are more fond of reading Bollywood gossips, the APP will feed you with inside stories between Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh or sweet moments between Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. NewsDog is not like any other app that will make you feel bored after a while.. The App will always gives you different topics but still fit your taste. The recommendation decision all made by the Machine Learning Algorithm and ease of use is the fundamental reason why NewsDog app is so popular among Indians.

“Since installing NewsDog, I saved the newspaper money.” Says one user. Indians typically spend 10-20 Rupees to buy newspaper or magazine every day. But thanks to NewsDog’s team effort, they have built a great relationship with mainstream Indian Media House and Media Group, readers can read real and breaking news in this app for free..

Reading news in NewsDog app is now becoming a fashion among youngsters. Finding news that interests them in this app is fast and easy. NewsDog could be a lifestyle for all the Indian news readers and it has changed the way India reads news.
Sharing, Reading, and Earning, Also a good lifestyle
You will be surprised to know that reading news on this app and sharing more can help you earn money. That’s true, to promote healthy reading habits and make people aware of such an app to read. NewsDog App launched Earn Money feature in June 2017. All the readers can participate in this contest to win at least 50 Rupees and more depending on their reading habits and how much they share the app with their friends.

Till now, tens of thousands of users have got their income paid through Paytm by sharing the app with their friends and family and spreading the awareness. According to data from NewsDog, there are tens of thousands of readers joining the earning money project every day. That means NewsDog is giving out at least 1 lakh Rupees every day.

All you need to do is share the app with as many friends as possible and read news everyday. In addition to sharing the app and your reading patterns, your friends’ reading can also generate money for you.

You Can Earn More If You Are a Storyteller
With more than twenty million user base, NewsDog is now one of the most popular news apps in India, also because it provides a new concept to media market, called, “WeMedia”. WeMedia allows passionate writers to publish their news and earn huge profits. With the total number of WeMedia writers in India expecting to cross 1,00,000 by 2018, the market is set to grow manifold.

NewsDog WeMedia is for everyone who is looking to reach millions of readers instantly and make huge profits for their awesome content, be it a hard working housewife or young students. NewsDog WeMedia platform is helping many young and professional writers who have amazing stories to tell.

Giving some examples of WeMedia writers who have been successful with NewsDog platform, Amit Tewari, the spokesperson of NewsDog, shared stories about a children's literature writer, Jamshed Azmi, who signed up on NewsDog WeMedia platform in May and started publishing original articles. Within three months, he got more than 2 million views and was able to reach a wider reader base. A college student, Arjun Yadav, earned Rs 17,000 in one month and was able to send some money back to his parents. But the last example took us by surprise, the spokesperson Amit shared the story about a housewife, named Heena Rani. Having spare time after her chores, she writes on lifestyle, beauty and food tips and earns Rs 15,000 in one month.

He said, “what excites us is, we are building a billion-dollar WeMedia market in India, the idea is to promote and motivate budding writers in India. We are happy to work with future KOLs of Indian society.”

Why wait?! Create your WeMedia account now! http://mp.newsdog.today/?from=sr

One More Good News To Student Writers:
If you are a college/university student, and have the talent and the passion to tell the world about the news or your story, please join NewsDog WeMedia and to start your fancy WeMedia writing journey. Student Writer please use INVITATION CODE: xi2s2s2j while signing up the platform, you will get Rs 500 Student Sign-up Bonus in 24 hours in your account balance.

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